Jason Meza

Um mig


My goal is to work with clients to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Each person is a world and because of this I offer personalized training that is based on the genetics, habits, abilities and background of each client.
My goal is to get the maximum benefit from the time you spend exercising to get realistic results by offering proper guidance on technique, motivation, introducing new training goals, evaluating your ability and progress.


What is my work?
I design a training plan to the individual characteristics of each person, where healthy habits are integrated, improving physical condition and a balanced diet, proposing activities that meet the client's needs.


My mission is very clear:
- I will help you to get a grip in a new lifestyle
- stay motivated for a better shape and health


I took an intensive fitness trainer course from Madrid Spain.


Faxafen, Holtagarðar, Lambhagi, Urðarhvarf, Salalaug
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