Levi Bjork

Um mig


I am a lifelong fitness enthusiast whose goals and focuses have ranged from simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working in a busy and demanding profession, to training for and running marathons and competing in kettlebell competitions. I understand the challenges of balancing family, career, and personal health and fitness. One thing I love about being a part of a gym and group fitness classes is the sense of community, which motivates me to keep coming back, and keep challenging myself. I love to teach and share my passion for fitness with people from all walks of life.

I recently moved to Iceland from Canada, and I love it here. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my spouse and kids, reading, swimming, running, and trying to learn and practice the art of bonsai.


I have seven years of experience teaching group fitness classes. I hold the following certifications:

World Kettlebell Club Fitness Trainer
Les Mills RPM
Les Mills GRIT
Les Mills BodyPump

I love group fitness classes because they bring together people from different walks of life and different fitness journeys to work together with a common goal of bettering themselves.


766 9556
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