The Third Closing

mars 25, 2021

Instead of one solution for everyone, we are going to invite you to manage your subscription or extension completely yourself while the gym is closed.

You can freeze ❄️ your subscription or fixed membership in Member area
If you forget it now or do not choose to freeze now before the end of the month, you can get a healthy credit from us later.

The credit if no freeze:

You can receive credit from us instead of the closing time (from 25.03.2021)
Use it at your convenience:

  • a. Credit to use for courses of your choice.
  • b. Access for a friend or relative
  • c. Skip paying the monthly fee later when it suits you better.
  • d. You can also just choose nothing and support your gym 💚.

You simply send us an email to when you want to use your credit. Include your "kennitala" and the credit you choose 🙂

The fine print:
a. Amounts will be in accordance with the monthly subscription fee that was actually paid while gym was closed or in proportion to the value of the extension of fixed memberships .. and maybe just a little bit more 😉
b. A friend / relative must not have been an active member recently. 
c. There might be another time where you could use some extrad.

Thank you 🙂 Att. the credit must be redeemed in 2021

Ertu með ábendingu út af þessari síðu? Smelltu hér!
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